"Working with Texas Baptist Leaders to Impact the Kingdom"

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Ministry Productivity

MP provides leaders with effective ways to manage time, resources & tech - nology to maximize productivity. 

Leader Development

LD Provides state of the art training that helps leaders live legacies today while producing the future leaders of tomorrow.

Strategy Planning

SP helps leaders become strategist equipped with tools to lead in organi- zational change and engage emerging futures.

Team Building

TB offers opportunities for teams to draw away together for ministry planning, spiritual refreshhment, & group cohesiveness.

Personality Gifts

PG trains leaders to use personality and ministry gift assessments to affirm personality gifts 

& differences.


OE involves training in current organizational philosophy, research, and methodology to keep your organization at the cutting edge.

Marriage Enrichment

ME focuses on providing tools and clinical insights to enable leaders to help families and couples stay healthy & grow spiritually.

Training Effectiveness

TE enables good trainers to become master trainers. Incorporating the  latest technology & research trainers connect with learners extraordinarily.

Church Revitalization

CR effort walks alongside leaders in the revitalization process assisting with strategy, mentoring and vision development.